Smudge Bundles


Handcrafted smudge bundles, made with native and locally grown plants.



Smudging, or using herbal smoke, is a tradition that dates back thousands of years in many cultures. Today it is often used in sacred ceremony, spiritual practice, for cleansing your home or body of negative energy, neutralizing odors, cleansing the air in your home after illness, etc.

Each bundle is lovingly hand wrapped with intention. They are made with herbs that I grow organically on my farm, that are grown on friends organic farms, or that are responsibly wildcrafted. I only use white sage that I grow here on the farm, and even then, very sparingly.

I make a wide variety of bundles. Plants I commonly use are cedar, mugwort, yarrow, hyssop, lavender, wildflowers, monarda, and garden and white sage. If there are certain plants you feel drawn to using, please make note of that when you check out and I will do my best to send you bundles with your requested herbs!

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mugwort, sage, and lavender, cedar, sage, and birch bark


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