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“Body oiling is an ancient technique, revered for centuries in the Indian Ayurvedic healing system and honored in the Bible, for calming and nourishing the body and bringing the element of ritual into everyday life. Elevate your daily ritual and stay relaxed, nourished, and healthy all winter long by adding body oiling to your routine.

Body oiling is a time-tested practice for hydrating the skin and supporting overall wellness. We encourage you to give it a try and consider making it a weekly (or even daily) practice. Also, we realize that many of you have very busy schedules, so even if you don’t have the time or energy to massage your whole body, just do what you can. Even if it’s just taking a few minutes before bed to massage your feet with oil after a busy day, this will definitely still have a rejuvenating effect on your wellbeing.” (Body Oiling: An Ancient Technique For Modern Times – Smallflower)

Our Body Oils: Frankincense and Rose, Maine Woods, Sacred Space, Whispering Woods Signature Blend.


Sacred Space Body Oil: organic olive oil, organic frankincense oleo resin in olive oil, wild harvested pine, organically grown sage, wild harvested cedar, wild harvested rose petals, and organically grown lavender.

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